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Kawasaki H2, H2 SX, ZX-14 accelerate who is faster?

Kawasaki since 2014, after the launch of Ninja H2, the strong power and gimmick of the narrow holding of mechanical booster, immediately aroused a very heated discussion in the market, and at the end of 2017, the Milan auto show Kawasaki further launched the H2 SX, the supercharged brigade, but facing the original home of the original running six eyes of the magic God Ninja ZX-14 and the brothers Ninja H2, exactly Who speeds up between the three? Let's take a look at the comments made by the Japanese media.

Through the data provided by the Japanese magazine YOUNG MACHING, the two items are revealed, through the loop test track and the GPS speedometer to measure the performance data of the vehicle safely and accurately, get the speed of three Kawasaki speeds and 0-1000m, and see through the following three films.