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In May, the top ten sales of Mo enterprises ranked three: the growth rate was obvious.
According to the statistics and analysis of the China Auto Industry Association, in May 2018, the top ten enterprises (Group) of motorcycle sales were the big Changjiang, LONCIN, silver Xiang, Li Fan, new continent Honda, Wuyang - Honda, Zong Shen, Guangzhou Universiade, Northern Enterprises and Qianjiang shares, respectively, and sold 206 thousand and 800, 99 thousand and 400, 82 thousand and 900, 78 thousand and 300, 7.53 respectively. Ten thousand, 68 thousand and 700, 68 thousand and 500, 66 thousand and 100, 65 thousand and 300 and 37 thousand and 400.
Compared with last month, the sales of 5 enterprises have declined by 5; compared with the same period of the previous year, the 4 companies have increased by 6, of which the big Changjiang, LONCIN and new continent Honda are growing faster.
In May, the ten enterprises sold 848 thousand and 700 vehicles, accounting for 59.55% of the total motorcycle sales.